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Lead vocalist Patrick Rohn began his journey of writing and producing music in 2008. He was so passionate about his music that during college, rather than pay attention to his professors, he would sit in the back of class, with one ear bud in trying to finish writing a song on his cell phone. Being in a real recording studio seemed like a distant dream back then. 

He would perform for everyone in his dorm, consequently building a small following within the University of Idaho community. In the Spring of 2009, Rohn returned to California to visit family, and contemplated his future. Deciding between playing college football and pursuing his dream of being a musician was difficult, but ultimately he chose music, moving back to Southern California. 

Back in his home state of California, Rohn began saving up money, so he could book studio time. A year went by when finally his music landed in the hands of Gerado Mejia, known for being the first artist signed to Interscope Records and his 1991 smash hit "Rico Suave". 

Gerardo requested a meeting as soon as possible and thats when he met multi-platinum producer Rudy "Mayru" Maya, who immediately saw the potential in Rohn, and became his producer and mentor. 

Years went by as Rohn struggled to find his place as a solo artist, until finally crossing paths with Guitarist RJ Root, Drummer Elias Vasquez and Bass Player Jake Courlang. With four Southern California residents, The PCH Crew was born. 

The PCH Crew has played small Los Angeles clubs to T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. They have continued to captivate audiences with their high energy, breezy pop and hip-hop swagger. Their catchy songs and electrifying stage presence represent the essence of the lively California lifestyle. For more information on the PCH Crew follow them on all social media handles @ThePCHcrew.


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